10 Google apps you aren’t familiar with

10 Google apps you aren’t familiar with


Google! We all must be familiar with this name. Google has become an important part of our daily lives.

Google gives us many features and apps that we use in our daily lives like Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive etc.

But Google have many other apps that you aren’t familiar with and its very beneficial.

Here are the List of 10 Google apps that you should try.


Snapspeed is a Photo Editor Software owned by Google. You can use Snapseed to edit your photo, frame it, design photo, filter it and many more.

If you want to add some filters on your photos, this app is probably for you. All you have to do is Just upload photo and edit it. Here are Snapseedfeatures:

  • You can change your looks (like Portrait, Smooth, pop and many more)
  • Use Snapseed Tools (Brush, Healing, HDR Scape, Glamor glow and many more)


Google Fit

In today’s modern world, people cannot care about their own health. They wake up in the morning, go to the office and sleep at night. This is normal Routine of vast majority of People. This is not good for their health.

They should take care of their own health. In this moment Google comes with “Google Fit”.

Google Fit app is based on American Heart Association and WHO (World Health Organization).  With help of this app you can track your health progress on your phone or watch. Like How many Minutes you walk all the day and heart rate etc. Use this app and improve your health score.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is free web service developed by Google. In this app Students and Teachers can share file and learning new things with paper less way. Google Classroom help teachers to Organize assignment, communication with students. For student google will provide storage to submit assignment, work and communication with teachers.

Datally : Data saving app by Google

With the help of this app you can monitor your hourly, weekly and monthly data usage and even save it.


Neighbourly is a ‘Local Questions’ app. In this app user can ask Local question of their area and discuss it with their neighbors. Neighbourly User have asked about anything, from why police is on the street or what’s cooking in nearby house.

Cool right!!

Google Earth

This app provides earth 3D picture. You can watch your home in 3D and 360°. Find your home in the globe and dive it into 360° perspectives with Street View.

  • Google Lens

If you walk in the street,see something and being curious about that thing. You definitely want to know about that thing. But don’t know how?  With help of Google Lens Take the picture of that thing and scan this picture in Google Lens. Google Lens provides you with relevant results.

  • Bolo : Learn to Read With Google

Bolo App is designed to help kids improve their reading skills.

With the help of this app, children and their parents will be able to read and learn new words. This app will include reading material, which will contain many stories in many languages. Additionally, this app will have lots of fun games for kids and it also gives Badges to encourage children. The biggest thing in this app is that children can learn offline too.

  • Google Opinion Rewards

Many companies take customer survey to improve their product and services. Google also take surveys about their product and services. Google also pay rewards for all complete surveys. You can use that rewards in play service to but Book, app, movies etc.

  • Google Art and Culture

This app helps user to explore the art and culture in simple way. This app consists around 1200 museums and archives who have partner with the Google Cultural Institute. This app provides Art and culture videos, Photos, stories, articles and many more things. If you like to dive in Art and Culture world this app is definitely for you.

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